Hello again!

I've come back to this blog after almost five years of inactivity, so know that any posts written before this one were written quite some time ago and my life has taken a few twists and turns since then.  In that time, I've focused on work and family, written a couple of books, became a... Continue Reading →


Do What You Love

It all goes together, body, mind, spirit and your emotions. If you neglect, squash, suppress, ignore or stomp on any one of those areas, you are short-changing yourself of your best life.

Caution – Unpleasant, but Honest Post Ahead

I'm beginning to wonder when the breakdown occurs. When do I wake up one day and realize I'm no longer able to force myself to go to work, or manage the responsibilities of keeping the household budget or absorb and care for the physical and emotional needs of the family I love. When do I fall apart and end up jobless and heavily medicated? I used to think I was the “bring your own sunshine” kind of girl, with an optimistic, can-do, never-say-never attitude. Now I think I was just kidding myself all along. The only way you can do anything you set your mind to, is if your mind is able to take direction.


Unskilled in social graces, she prefers to be her own companion. When sharing opens wounds confidence becomes abandoned. Everybody tries and everybody pries to expose her failings and weakness, and pain surges through her being when judgment replaces acceptance. Hurting and torn, a little girl retreats, to save her heart and aspirations in a protected... Continue Reading →

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